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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is different than just the branding point of view. In this section we can dive deeper into how to use a platform to build an audience by marketing or sharing data that they enjoy. Most of us do each day with friends and family and in a lot of ways it comes natural. If you are trying to create a business or you have owned one for years and want some good insight then this is the section for that. Learning how to marketing using Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat or any of the ones that are commonly used can be a difficult proposition and one that I enjoy writing about. There are companies that have teams to be on every social platform possible and the majority of businesses have no one except maybe the owner posts on a Facebook page or a teenager down the road set up their Twitter profile. If that describes you then I hope to help you get past that and look at social in a new way. It’s possible to enjoy it and do business at the same time.