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Sitting down and trying to think through a piece you want to create for your blog, podcast, or video you will upload to YouTube can be challenging. A lot of people are searching for the easy money and finding out that it’s not as easy as some rockstars make it look. In this section I want to discuss creating content in all forms and how to maximize your time and effort as well as the technical chops behind it. The posts will focus on the actual creation of content such as building a post in WordPress, or edit a video in Adobe Premiere Pro. Content creation is an intensive process that you need to know the in’s and out’s of the mechanics, the tools, SEO, SMM and more. Just because you create it doesn’t mean will flock to it. You have to control the process in promotion after your content is finished and ready for public consumption. This is probably my favorite piece of the process because it uses my creativity and hopefully helps the person who is reading, hearing , or watching me. I think it’s also important to recognize that no one is a true expert because content and it’s forms are always changing. The audience decides what they like and don’t like and often requires us to adapt.