2017 Office Computer Build: Xeon E5 2650 V3 ES 10-Core

I am always looking for upgrades when it comes to my computer and I figured that sharing my current setup can help others looking to build something fun or functional. I manage a lot of websites, work on designs for all different applications, and I want to focus in on recording audio and video this year more than anything else. Knowing this upfront drove me towards Intel for this build. I have a couple AMD FX series rigs from the

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Earning Google Adsense Money From Any Niche

Adsense can be used on any type of blog except for ones that have gambling, adult content, or anything illegal. It's a straightforward ad revenue stream that Google has banked everything on. I think we can all agree that they have been highly successful in this area for the past 17'ish years. They outline all of their terms here in case you want something to read before bed.Before we break things down we should probably talk about ad blockers. They

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My 30-Day Review Of SSDNodes Web Hosting

It's been a bit over a month now with my payment for $240/year to SSDNodes on April 14, 2017. My last host, which was Wiredtree, cost almost $750/yr so I was able to cut two-thirds of my annual costs and got 8 times the server. I knew 2017 was going to be a budget year for me. Trimming the fat where I can wasn't really much of a choice as I move into starting my own business and living on a

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How Answers Go Viral On Quora

Are you on Quora? I certainly am but not each day. The churn there can really drive me crazy. My writing competitors in my niche consistently merge my answers so I get less views and the questions become a repeat. Like Yahoo Answers, the same question will be asked a thousand times and those meam that old questions can have answers from 2011 or from yesterday. So how do you get seen on Quora? It's both some guesses and some

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Understanding The True Impacts Of Engagement

Engagement is one of the hardest things to achieve. That statement probably goes without saying if you are reading this post. I churn through social media accounts day in and day out as best as I can to make headway in likes and traffic. I have a small team that helps me along the way when needed. That certainly does improve things, but most people don't have connections to just bring in some help.I have spent years learning each social

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R.I.P. Wiredtree, No To Liquid Web, But Hello SSDNodes

It's "host choosing time" and it only took 4 months for me to make a decision on the future home of my websites, apps, and whatever else I want to host. My hosting company sold out to a bigger competitor at the end of 2016. Hosting companies come and go and this is just the technology "circle of life". Technology moves fast and as startups come, they go just as quickly which is why we get a new Apple or

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This Marks the 100th Blog Post Milestone!

I made it! No, wait, we made it! After two years of re-committing myself to blogging I finally hit 100 posts. That's 100 original posts and not just content I brought over from another website. All of the content was based off of questions people had asked me in email or on social media. This made this project even better because it allowed me to dive deeper using my experience for someone who wanted it.The average post of mine is somewhere between

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Where To Learn Web Development and Professional Tools

There is no shortage in finding websites that are filled with pointers on becoming a full stack developer. Maybe you don't want to be a full stack dev? No problem, you can learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, MongoDB, and countless other technologies instead. I can't list all of the places to learn these languages, tools, and classes, but I can help point you in the right direction on where to start if you have admirations to become more capable.YouTube is

Things Needed To Podcast & Getting Advertisers

Running the AM Podcast Network gave me a lot of insight into the world of podcasting and the desire that so many have that step up to the microphone to cash in on the media. I don't blame them for putting the cart before the horse, but too many lose sight even before they get a couple episodes out. Money is always enticing to everyone I have ever met and I don't see that changing anytime soon.I want to separate these

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Adding Ads To Your Website Without Looking Terrible

The reality is that ads are not native to the internet, and those that appear to be, are not honest content. I am referring to native advertisements, advertorials, or other names which are really just paid propaganda. Look, I get that running a website costs money but that's not why the internet was researched and developed. Marketing ruined much of our online experience and after the first check was written we just accepted that ads were normal.I always tell people

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Building A Successful Blog and Build Traffic

Building any site can be a very daunting task. Most people don't have the time or desire to learn the basics like HTML, CSS, Javascript, or other programming languages like Python. This is why they turn to services like Squarespace or Wix so they can streamline their message without the learning curve.I personally don't like these "easy builders" because of their inherent limitations. For some, it's just a convenient way to get a website up quickly and not worrying about

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Clash of Autoptimize, Cache Enabler & WP Rocket WordPress Plugins

Update May 29, 2017: I am deciding to rescind my advocation for WP-Rocket. They haven't done anything wrong and they made a difference in the past. After switching from Wiredtree (Now Liquid Web) to SSD Nodes, there is almost no difference in the sites speed with or without WP-Rocket. Even though my license doesn't expire until December 2017 I plan to move to another solution that is free and lightweight. No bad story to give, no bad blood, or anything

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Local SEO & B2B Website Services In Angeles City

If you know and understand SEO then you will see by the title alone that I am tracking a specific phrase for our new transition (moving) here in Angeles City, Philippines. We are still in "hotel mode" but this time gives me something to chew on that I hadn't considered until I needed to search for a hotel. I had planned on only focusing on my 3 websites and not to search out for other opportunities...until now.I had planned on

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Goodbye South Korea, Hello Philippines

It's time to say goodbye to 5 years of living in South Korea. This is where I completed the last quarter of my career serving in the Air Force. There was a visit in 1999 and two tours prior which gives me a grand total of 7 years & 6 months if my math is correct. My first trip was when I was a young airman in 1999, then as an non-commissioned officer in 2003-2004 & 2009-2010 and finally as a senior non-commissioned officer in

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The State of Podcasting In 2017

What is the state of podcasting? That is a very large question and one that is constantly discussed all over the internet. There are many considerations that go into a true picture of what is to come. Areas like location, genre, levels of production, and what listeners want to hear can be so sensitive to change. My goal is to try to discuss this in several parts and covering where it has been and where we are headed. Of course, this is an opinion

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