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Blab May Very Well Change the Live Stream Game

Blab Is Changing Live Streaming

Update: Blab shutdown it’s service on August 6th, 2016 to begin working on another re-write of their service that will open it’s platform to all. You can read the team’s insight and plan here on Medium.

You may not have heard about Blab before this post and that’s to be expected since it was merely started in April, 2015. In fact, it took the developers only two weeks to code it and then release a Beta for public trial. For those that might not understand these types of project timelines…this is epically quick. If I had the money to put these developers on my team I would right away!

I didn’t discover the live-streaming platform until Amy, from Savvy Sexy Social, mentioned it in one of her YouTube videos. I just happened to stumble upon her channel one night while surfing on my Chromecast as usual, looking for something to learn. I should note that I am an animal when it comes to nerding out on YouTube. Naturally, I had to immediately check out the new tech recommendation, and the next morning I woke up and jumped in for my first Blab after registering my account. My first Blab was suppose to be about 30 minutes long just to test out the waters. Amazingly, it ended 3 hours and 23 minutes later and I had met some really great people that just happened to jump in and say hello. I met people that are typically early adopters and fairly publicly known.

The concept is that you sign in using your Twitter account and then you can watch a live stream happening right now or even jump into one of the open seats and actually be on camera. You can also start a Blab on whatever topic you feel like talking about and notify all of your Twitter followers so they can come over and check you out. Otherwise, you can be a part of a scheduled Blab in the future, and finally you can also replay one that has happened already. Each Blab can have a host and a co-host that controls the room. A chat window vertically dresses the side where the off-camera crowd can communicate or just lurk depending on their preference.

The chat is so modern feeling and useful. Hosts can immediately recognize a question or comment without missing a beat and those that are engaging there feel like they are part of the conversation. Sometimes the host will even ask that person to take a seat and get on the live stream! You honestly can not predict how a Blab will go, but one thing is for sure…I love it so far!

The idea is so simple yet incredibly smoother than using Skype or Google Hangouts. I was completely blown away by the social uptake and shocked that people just poured in during my first session. I had planned only a 30 minute window and assumed that would be it. I was determined to sign off at the 45 minute mark, but then Tim came in and brought all of his friends. I ended up just shy of 200 viewers and 3 hours and 23 minutes of live stream as I previously mentioned. I thought that was it…

After closing up for the session, my email received the Blab notification that gave me an opportunity to download just the mp3 of the stream or the entire video which was in mp4 format and 1.7GB in size. I now have an option to use this footage or audio elsewhere. I can trim it, level it, and even just use soundbites. I got all of this for free. My mind was blown at how simple yet addicting this has been so I knew I had to share this with my audience. As long as you are the host of the show you can download the media files later after it’s processed.

People are already re-purposing their content from Blabs, and even if I didn’t get all of the streams that I was in, the hosts are still posting them to their websites, YouTube, and wherever else they communicate to their audience. I am now a part of those embeds. My reach is now larger because I was present. This is a very large take away. Your presence in these Blabs build authority and the more people that see you, the more your message is being consumed. If you have no other reason to check this platform out, then at least take this narcissistic position and jump in.

Blab and the clones of it are coming and they are about to be the strongest point of your marketing and branding strategy. I gained 50 followers just from my first session and sat in on another that I felt like I could contribute to. It is completely effortless to do and you meet amazing people when you least expect it. At one point I even had Mark Trapenhagen jump in an open seat and we discussed quite a bit together. He is one of the earliest adopters of Google Plus and one of the most well known social media people out there. I had no idea this existed until my YouTube watching tipped me off to this masterpiece that is only going to get better with time.

All you need to get started is a Twitter account, unless you are going to just lurk. Then a webcam and a microphone. You might also consider a clean room or background and enough clothes on to not scare the Blabbers away. It’s simple and if you are going to do it on mobile (only iOS right now) or on a laptop, you have almost all of what you need right there. The biggest thing you can bring though is information that is valued and what people want to hear. A lot of the streams are just people hanging out with nothing much to do so they just mingle and have fun. You don’t need a purpose to be present.

As of this writing I have done 6 Blabs across two separate accounts. My main account has 104 followers and the other has 21. It’s a start and when I start a Blab session I tend to reach some great people to jump in and share on the topic.

If this post hasn’t convinced you to check it out, then I am out of ideas. I will also do a video on using Blab shortly to help those that are still not sure if this is the right way to go or not. Trust me…it is, and I hope to see you there shortly!

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