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I am a writer, podcaster, and YouTuber. I enjoy talking and writing about technology and science, but also social media marketing and entrepreneurship. I love competitive business and getting to know people.

Having To Choose Between Your Significant Other Or Your Job

This is a switch from some of the other topics I have covered, but still a great question from someone that clearly has a decision to make. Sometimes this happens and I know I have been here before as well. Relationships are hard and so is putting food on the table. I was listening to Joe Rogan's (JRE) podcast and there was a line that I appreciated in many ways. It was said as "100 years ago we didn't have [...]

By | October 11th, 2016|Ask & I Answer, Business Decisions|2 Comments

95% of the Internet Could Disappear Tomorrow & Would Be Fine

I have said this many times to people in the office or behind my keyboard like a true warrior. The Cosmos series with Neil DeGrasse-Tyson covers the 5 extinctions in Season 1, Episode 2 (S01E02) which is dark and a reminder that it could be gone in a moment. I firmly believe that if the 6th one was the internet and wiped away 95% of the websites, we wouldn't notice very much. This only matters if the top 100 websites [...]

By | October 6th, 2016|Media Thoughts|0 Comments

Postmatic Basic & Subscription for WordPress Comments!

It's time to run through the plugin that changed the conversation...literally. This one was saved for last because it was the most important of all of the other offerings from Postmatic. Postmatic is the single most important thing that has changed the entire way we see comments from just a quick "hit & run" to how Google engineered Google+ and Gmail for fast and easy communication. This is the only plugin that I know allows you to subscribe to the [...]

By | October 4th, 2016|Plugins & Addons|7 Comments

Retirement & Traveling Asia For the Near Future

If you have been reading a bit then you probably already know that we (my family & I) are preparing for a big move. I don't know where to yet, but I am retiring from the U.S. Air Force in a few months and we are going to the Philippines for a bit to do all of my VA paperwork. Making sure the healthcare is in order has to be priority one. It's a large move because of what the [...]

By | October 3rd, 2016|Other Useful Nuggets|0 Comments

Schedule It with Calendarize It! for WordPress

Upfront, this plugin is my favorite out of all the plugins I have ever bought or used. I purchased 2 licenses for my websites because of the amount of customizing and features that it added to my site. All of the sudden people will know when I am on Blab, or Periscope. My readers can be aware of when I am publishing topics that they might want to read. Having a place to add all of my dates and times [...]

By | September 29th, 2016|Plugins & Addons|4 Comments

Authors Can Leverage YouTube & Win With Patreon

If there is one thing that people want in life is money. We equate money to a worry-free existence and many paths have been well traveled to get to that point in life. All creators want is to stay at home and work online so they can express their gift for writing, painting, blogging, photography and the rest of the talents that one could use to make money. In the beginning of the internet, massive amounts of people flocked to [...]

How To Create Your First Blog Post

My first post generally is a welcome message and nothing too mind blowing. It's always worth giving an overview of your goals and expectations for potential readers so they know what to visit your site for and when they should. That first post is equal to meeting someone for the first time in-person and giving them an impression that they won't forget. Crafting a message that is meant to drive all future posts to come is tough, and maybe even [...]

By | September 26th, 2016|Content Creation, Media Thoughts|0 Comments

Elevated Comments FTW

Have you struggled to find a way to sort better comments from the ones that are just, meh? Postmatic has yet another plugin called Elevated Comments and I truly think this one is special. I wanted to take a bit of time to see if I can do it some justice now that I have used it for well over a month. It's normal for me to use something for a while before passing judgement in a blog post. My [...]

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Starting A Blog To Learn Digital Marketing

If you woke up tomorrow and decided you didn't want to be a bank teller, fitness instructor, or even a manager of a small business and wanted to do something else to bring you back home, then this article might be for you. If you are a digital marketer, but don't really know how to do it very well, this is also for you. If you are a digital marketing that makes serious cash and want a place to laugh [...]

By | September 23rd, 2016|Content Creation, Content Marketing|0 Comments

Social Commenting Done Correctly

It's hard to get WordPress's commenting done correctly because of the many options available and all of the pro's telling you to use this or that. Now I am one of those pro's too. I think I have found a bit of the good stuff that isn't sweeping the WordPress world at the moment and I hope this gives you some insight. Let's lead off with a quick discussion on why WordPress sucks when it comes to commenting so we can [...]

By | September 16th, 2016|Plugins & Addons|0 Comments

Building A Team Abroad & Sell In The United States

In America, we are raised to think that we can do anything and become anyone we want to be. It's a no-limits position that we embrace through the years, and for most of us, it was simply something very sweet that our mom or dad told us. We had hoped that we could be an astronaut, the President of the United States, or a simple chef if we desired so. I made choices that led me to many forks in [...]

By | September 14th, 2016|Business Decisions, eCommerce|0 Comments

Crowd Control in the Comments

Another plugin that I am throwing into the "dissection of WordPress commenting" is Crowd Control by Postmatic. This is #2 of the 7 posts I am publishing for the line up of plugins that are from Postmatic. They are a significant game changer that I think is not being heard enough in the blogging circles. In complete transparency, I am not being paid, sponsored, or receiving anything in return for this series. This review, along with the others, are strictly [...]

By | September 7th, 2016|Plugins & Addons|4 Comments

Annual Web Hosting Audit: Wiredtree & My Options

My loyalty seems fairly well documented by looking through all of my Wiredtree invoices. According to my billing ledger, I have been with them since April, 2008. For a company to get customers to stay for 8+ years is not very common these days by any stretch of the imagination. Americans consistently want the lowest prices (Wal-Mart's success proves this) and I personally have been brainwashed by the federal government that the lowest bidder always gets the contract. I have [...]

By | September 1st, 2016|Business Decisions, eCommerce|2 Comments

Frustrated With Digital Marketing & Just Need Some Ideas?

I have friends that have businesses and some of them are closer than others. Like everyone on the planet, I get phone calls from them. It's an hour on the phone or an email here and there, or perhaps a couple hours on Skype. I take all them without thinking about it because they are important and friends and family come first. I don't want their success or their riches. I am a talkative guy with some good ideas mixed [...]

By | August 31st, 2016|Business Decisions, Social Identity & Branding|0 Comments
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