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  • Ask Directly Your Call to Action

Ask For a Call to Action Directly, Most Will Say Yes

That's right! They might actually say yes if you just straight up ask them. Weird right? There are many methodologies out there from Gary Vee's Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook to the just ask method. I respect all of them because in the end it comes down to your comfort level and what works for you. If you are getting a high enough ratio of yes's to no's then keep truckin'. There is no set rule of thumb. There is only A/B Splits [...]

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  • If you retweet, then you are endorsing it

Reality Check: Your ReTweet Is Endorsement

I love seeing all of the brands and people on Twitter that add this funny little piece to their profiles "RT ≠ Endorsement". Well, it actually does and clearly you thought it did to anyone reading it, so you then decided that placing that note would be your fix. If you didn't think it related to your profile or wasn't worth retweeting for more attention, you simply wouldn't have done it...therefore not endorsing it. An exception to this rule would [...]

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  • Blab Is Changing Live Streaming

Blab May Very Well Change the Live Stream Game

You may not have heard about Blab before this post and that's to be expected since it was merely started in April, 2015. In fact, it took the developers only two weeks to code it and then release a Beta for public trial. For those that might not understand these types of project timelines...this is epically quick. If I had the money to put these developers on my team I would right away! I didn't discover the live-streaming platform until Amy, from Savvy Sexy [...]

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  • Why You Should Content Stack

Why Content Stacking Is Important

What is this content stacking anyways? On top of that, who is doing it and is there real value in it just to add layers of complexity? Some people haven't even heard of this buzzword before. I doubt that I made it up and I am certainly not claiming to have done so. It's a fun buzzword though that simply means using a variety of mediums to market the same message or idea. My blog here is a prime example considering that [...]

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  • Why YouTube and Facebook Video Works

Why YouTube and Facebook Video Can Work Together

There have been many questions over Facebook's aggressive entry into video and some have even questioned whether or not YouTube will lose their #1 position in online video. The short answer is No, and I want to explain why I am that confident to say this. The largest reason YouTube isn't going to lose it's hold on the video world is because it's entrenched and experienced. By that, I mean that you don't hear someone say "Let me Facebook that" for a video. [...]

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  • Mactan Island, Cebu City, and Tubod Flowing Waters

My Trip to Cebu, Mactan Island, and Tubod Flowing Waters Resort

The Cebu leg of the trip was supposed to be a bit more than it turned out to be. When I had originally purchased tickets for all of us to fly there, I wasn't predicting three low-pressure storms to be in the vicinity. I had hoped to see the Chocolate Hills in Bohol via landing in Cebu and then taking the Supercat ferry to the other island. The ocean was churning and trips were being cancelled in quick succession. A boat on the other [...]

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  • Using Periscope in Your Content Plan

Why You Need Periscope in Your Content Strategy

Periscope has hit the app store hard thanks to Twitter buying it up and integrating it into the platform. People have been testing the waters with it and others have already begun building a strong audience. This is so much different than Vine because it's live streaming audio and not a 6-second clip. This is also much more that adds onto YouTube and Twitch because of what it brings to the conversation. Simply start broadcasting and anyone can join in and begin watching, commenting, [...]

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  • Using Blog Commenting to Drive Traffic

Use Blog Commenting to Build Quality Traffic

Blog commenting isn't dead just yet, however, it is if you just plan on spamming links and not adding value. This is more about how to comment correctly and create value out of commenting on articles. Participating in conversations with other readers provide a value for everyone when it's done right. The definition of right is subjective of course. To keep it simple let's define it as content that continues the conversation or adds the discussion. This should eliminate those comments that are [...]

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  • Managing a PR Disaster

Managing a Public Relations and a Social Media Disaster

There are those people who can grit through some public relation disasters and those that can’t. Being the face of a company when an employee or even yourself really messes up and your customers are more than happy to give some negative feedback can be tough. I will be the first to tell you that it can make you sick to your stomach. I have had sleepless weeks over a social media disaster, and I haven't even run some of [...]

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  • Winning or Losing With Facebook

Winning or Losing With Facebook

Facebook has been winning in traffic and new users for almost a decade now and things have been changing steadily as the platform has grown. Every website matures eventually and we continue seeing progress from the types of content you see in your Newsfeed to how a page benefits a business. Some critics will say that Facebook hasn't been good to them for a plethora of reasons, however, it’s the ability to adapt to change that brings success. The bigger question [...]

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