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I am a writer, podcaster, and YouTuber. I enjoy talking and writing about technology and science, but also social media marketing and entrepreneurship. I love competitive business and getting to know people.

A Personal Confession to My Audience

I wanted to share something for those that read my content, listen to the podcasts, or watch my videos on YouTube. I haven't really shared this in detail before yesterday on my Facebook page, and have gone back and forth on how public I want to be. When connecting with people that I haven't communicated with in a long time it becomes awkward to reconnect because they think I have no interest in them, forgot about them, or something else [...]

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Email Like a Boss With Sendy for Pennies

Sendy is a self-hosted newsletter solution that utilizes Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) & Simple Notification Service (SNS) to push communications to your subscribers through email. Simply put, you pay $59 for Sendy and then setup the script on your own hosting service. Once you finish setting it up, you signup with Amazon by going through the process of setting up SES & SNS and tying it with your Sendy installation. This could be super easy for some people and a few [...]

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Let’s Talk Timelines & Real Expectations for Projects

I had the privilege of working in a plans & implementation work center during my military career and when you see things from behind the scenes of any project it can bring clarity and anxiety. That was the military though, and it's important to add that I had handled hundreds of projects with loose timelines and tight ones over the last 2 decades. There were times I would expect something to be done by a certain date but had no [...]

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Developing A Portfolio From Nothing To Build Work Experience

The old adage of "You have to give a little to get a little" is what comes to mind with the portfolio development process. There are a good number of people on freelancing sites such as UpWorks and oDesk that are trying to learn how to nab that first job. Those are the people that come well prepared with a reasonably filled out portfolio along with a sales pitch. The downside is it's all pitch with no portfolio, a website, some [...]

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Defining The Size Of The Podcast Market

This question was one of my favorites that came from Quora and while I answered it there, it's probably better that I take a deeper dive into this. My goal with my content is to give the deeper dives here while the other places I write get the abbreviated submissions.I need a reason for people to want to visit my site, listen to my podcast, or watch my videos. Now let's get into this topic of how many stars are [...]

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Military Serving Overseas & You Want to Open a Small Business

I don't hide that I serve overseas in South Korea, but I don't discuss it a whole lot either because I don't create content about it, and it's not for long as I retire at the end of this year. What is important is that I searched for months, asked experts, and still came up empty handed on how to open a LLC while serving overseas with no stateside address. I finally know how, and I did it so it's [...]

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What Free Ecommerce Platform Is Good For Digital Downloads

I have a couple stores that I sell downloadable goods and physical goods in. Sometimes selling digital downloads is the easiest way to go if you are a programmer selling plugins or a graphic designer selling some illustrations. The question is, what, where, and how do you sell them? Apple takes 30% commission rates for everything they sell on behalf if the content creators, and other marketplaces are very similar if not even more greedy when it comes to their [...]

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Change Is Not For The Weak, And It’s Hard Too

After speaking to a distressed website owner this morning about how some people are leaving the website after a massive upgrade, I decided to write about the topic of change. She told me about a woman who wrote to her and said she was done and that she hated the new website. Then told me about several conversations she had with others about how it's about time they got something new and were in love with the change. The simple [...]

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Know What Facebook Spam Looks Like In Groups

I admin around 20 different Facebook groups and I used to be terrible at finding, ignoring, and blocking SPAM. I would get a couple requests a day from SPAM and I could usually figure out if it was legit but once in a while it would still get through. Once my groups started growing I got on the radar of a lot more SPAM'rs and it sucked. Sometimes one would get through even if I was sure that the account [...]

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