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I am a writer, podcaster, and YouTuber. I enjoy talking and writing about technology and science, but also social media marketing and entrepreneurship. I love competitive business and getting to know people.

Starting A Blog To Learn Digital Marketing

If you woke up tomorrow and decided you didn't want to be a bank teller, fitness instructor, or even a manager of a small business and wanted to do something else to bring you back home, then this article might be for you. If you are a digital marketer, but don't really know how to do it very well, this is also for you. If you are a digital marketing that makes serious cash and want a place to laugh [...]

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Social Commenting Done Correctly

It's hard to get WordPress's commenting done correctly because of the many options available and all of the pro's telling you to use this or that. Now I am one of those pro's too. I think I have found a bit of the good stuff that isn't sweeping the WordPress world at the moment and I hope this gives you some insight. Let's lead off with a quick discussion on why WordPress sucks when it comes to commenting so we can [...]

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Building A Team Abroad & Sell In The United States

In America, we are raised to think that we can do anything and become anyone we want to be. It's a no-limits position that we embrace through the years, and for most of us, it was simply something very sweet that our mom or dad told us. We had hoped that we could be an astronaut, the President of the United States, or a simple chef if we desired so. I made choices that led me to many forks in [...]

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Crowd Control in the Comments

Another plugin that I am throwing into the "dissection of WordPress commenting" is Crowd Control by Postmatic. This is #2 of the 7 posts I am publishing for the line up of plugins that are from Postmatic. They are a significant game changer that I think is not being heard enough in the blogging circles. In complete transparency, I am not being paid, sponsored, or receiving anything in return for this series. This review, along with the others, are strictly [...]

By | September 7th, 2016|Plugins & Addons|4 Comments

Annual Web Hosting Audit: Wiredtree & My Options

My loyalty seems fairly well documented by looking through all of my Wiredtree invoices. According to my billing ledger, I have been with them since April, 2008. For a company to get customers to stay for 8+ years is not very common these days by any stretch of the imagination. Americans consistently want the lowest prices (Wal-Mart's success proves this) and I personally have been brainwashed by the federal government that the lowest bidder always gets the contract. I have [...]

By | September 1st, 2016|Business Decisions, eCommerce|2 Comments

Frustrated With Digital Marketing & Just Need Some Ideas?

I have friends that have businesses and some of them are closer than others. Like everyone on the planet, I get phone calls from them. It's an hour on the phone or an email here and there, or perhaps a couple hours on Skype. I take all them without thinking about it because they are important and friends and family come first. I don't want their success or their riches. I am a talkative guy with some good ideas mixed [...]

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What Is That Weird Traffic In My Google Analytics

Last year I was seeing garbage showing up in my analytics and I quickly started searching the web about what it could be.I looked at a couple websites that showed but they weren't linked to my websites. I sat scratching my head to what and why because this was completely new. There were no articles on this until a few days after I noticed (or I was unable to find them) the garbage referrers. I need clean numbers but this [...]

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Epoch Speeds Up WordPress Native Commenting

There is this plugin called Epoch, that's been developed by a company named Postmatic. I have been using it for about a year at this point and it's going nowhere, anytime soon. This will be the first of seven posts that I planned on doing to showcase the entire package for those bloggers that are looking for something but still unsure of what they could be doing with their commenting section. Before I dive into all of this goodness that [...]

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The Reason The Same Companies Advertise On Many Podcasts

The most common question in the podcast universe has to be "How do I find sponsors for my show" by far.  This has been asked by shows that haven't even released an episode yet and shows that have dozens of episodes (The latter being more reasonable). The only platform they have to sell ad space on is audio and it's hosted on Podbean or Libsyn to name a couple. No website, no social presence most of the time and the [...]

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Building A Start-up On A Budget

Money, competition, and the payoff has been my "M.O." since I was 4-5 years old. It is in my blood to make money and looking back at everything I am amazed that I got away with so much. At that young age, I went to the cellar of our house on Roosevelt Ave, in Taftville, CT and found a pile of magazines in a crate. This became my first venture into a "business" which was selling pornography to kids. I [...]

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Is Blogging a Real Way To Make Money?

This question is asked more than any other regardless if it's online or meeting people in person. People have been convinced through ads, second-hand conversations, and the idea of sitting at home in your pajamas churning out cash from your blog that this is true and easy to set up. I have to recognize that people do make money from blogging, however, they are the few among tens of thousands who try. If you solely blog and do nothing else [...]

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Podcasting: Building The Audience Or Find Big Name Interviews First

There is lot of interest in starting a podcast which has been evident by the questions I see on Quora, daily emails and posts made in my community. People want to express themselves and take a shot at being a content creator through audio and share their thoughts. With the barrier-to-entry being very low by purchasing a microphone and downloading Audacity it's not wonder there is an endless stream of shows to pick from. The internet has not only been [...]

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Writing, Developing with Meteor & React

I wanted to bake my smaller posts into updates and this is the first one that I share what I am working on at the moment. Moment being defined as the next several weeks or so. Let's start with writing and work our way down a bit. If you haven't noticed, I have been writing a lot in the last week. I have been publishing almost 1 per day and I want to try to continue doing so for the [...]

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The Downsides of Republishing the Same Content To Other Blogs

Are you not feeling very creative or just want to get the writing part over already? I know the feeling, but I also know the reality of the results when taken by the yes or the no road. I was first asked this question on Quora, and wanting to write about the broader picture. The question was "Are there any downsides to republishing exact copy of your blog articles to Medium?" I gave a reasonable answer, but Quora can't have [...]

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I Didn’t Forget To Like or Subscribe

This post is a bit "tongue in cheek" and meant as a jab at content creators that still lean on an expression that has been repeated, then repeated, and so on in every ending in the audio and video areas. I promise that I get it, applaud the effort, but I am also ready to move the pandering into a different direction. It's okay to pander a bit, but you have to consider if your pandering is effective or are [...]

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