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Ask For a Call to Action Directly, Most Will Say Yes

Ask Directly Your Call to ActionThat’s right! They might actually say yes if you just straight up ask them. Weird right? There are many methodologies out there from Gary Vee’s Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook to the just ask method. I respect all of them because in the end it comes down to your comfort level and what works for you. If you are getting a high enough ratio of yes’s to no’s then keep truckin’. There is no set rule of thumb. There is only A/B Splits and trials.

I have spent years grooming relationships with people to build that trust only to be shot down when I asked for something in return. It doesn’t always work and that’s fine. At some point though you have to decide on how to go about increasing your ROI for the time spent asking for the “XYZ”. Don’t get me wrong, many have said yes just because they wanted to support me in return for all my givings as well. I need people who want to engage with me or purchase a product from me though.

A call to action is what we are really after here, and particularly, I want to discuss the very aggressive method of just asking for an action upfront. I am going to use Twitter for this example and give you a secret of how I built my membership sites so quickly. I can probably tweak it for other social platforms, but none are as simple as this.

Here is how I go about achieving my goals using Twitter:

  1. Use Crowdfire, Manage Flitter, or your tool of choice.
  2. Find and follow your audience (not your competition), the people you want to buy from you.
  3. Setup an autoDM that seems half way personal. This should be a “Hello! Thanks for following me. I am doing such & such, can I create and account for you?”. I bolded the last part because it is the most important part of all of this.
  4. Notice I am offering to make an account for them. This is removing friction.
  5. They send their details to me.
  6. I make the account in 10 seconds.
  7. I send them the information back through DM with what they need.

This one crazy method is what I have been using for the last month alone. I have created well over 1,000 accounts (majority are active & real!), and I have even grown my mail list for this site doing the same thing. Obviously, I get the “no ways” as well. You just learn to live with it and prove yourself over time and perhaps some of those that have turned you down will take a second look. My number one concern right now is getting membership for my forum so I am going for the most aggressive form of a call to action. I am writing this because maybe you have been tempted to try it, or you have but it didn’t work. I suggest re-evaluating the way you ask and that you are asking the right people.

Over the course of 2015 I have discovered Twitter to be the most forward platform to flat out ask for something before cultivating that bond. As I turn to other platforms I will share successes and failures as well.

I held back for years from just coming right out and saying what I wanted. Almost like courting (dating). You don’t want to be too forward, but sometimes that could have slowed or even ruined the relationship. I decided to be more aggressive this year in building my web properties and I felt that this was a current actionable thing I could share. Let me know in the comments if you have a tip like this as well. I would love to exchange even more ideas to grow our goals!


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