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Adam’s Demographics

It’s a beautiful and chilly Sunday morning here in my office and I thought to myself while finding accounts to connect with on Tumblr, “Who is my target audience?”, and I figured the best thing I could do is build a Coggle to show off my thoughts. I use this to brainstorm and I update my thoughts all the time. I have zero reservations in sharing ideas regardless if they are awesome or the worst thing ever. It’s how I grow and build a communication layer with folks. Below is my brainstorm in who I am looking to connect with.

Let me know below what you think. Maybe I need to tighten up in places, or branch into areas I didn’t really consider. The main point in doing this kind of brainstorming is to remind yourself who you are engaging with and why. This is how I will target my audience and build correct content that people will love & share. Agree? Disagree? I would love to hear from you.