Note: Just moved to the Philippines and working on getting settled. More content is coming in the next few days as I get all of the internet sorted.

My name is Adam Mulholland, and I am involved in many things. Some of my favorite things are of course my family before anything else, design, writing, and technology as a whole. I do it to create. The ability to take nothing and make it into something special is what has gotten me here.

This website is about my skills, a bit of my portfolio, but the majority is information I want to give to you. I create podcasts, blog posts, and design. This is my area to create and do more with my thoughts. The homepage is nothing more than a welcome message. I want you to explore and get to know me. Hopefully, I would have given you enough value to come back. Perhaps even enough to have you share me with your friends. Either way, I welcome you!

My Latest Thoughts

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Goodbye South Korea, Hello Philippines

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The State of Podcasting In 2017

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…and more.