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Amazon Now Supports Charities That You Support

Support AmazonSmile

I got a pleasant surprise this morning when I logged into my Amazon account to shop for a new XBOX 360 game for my son. They asked me what charity I would like Amazon to donate to on my behalf. So first, thank you Amazon for the opportunity to support my charity. The program is AmazonSmile, and no this didn’t ... Read More »

4 Reasons Why Magento Belongs in My eCommerce Portfolio

Use Magento When It's Serious

I don’t always use Magento, but when I do it’s for a serious project. I love Magento, even though I don’t talk about it as much as Prestashop or even Zencart. It’s just not a “go-to” platform for me. Even though I currently manage 6 online stores, Magento is rarely an option due to is robust presence and resource devouring ... Read More »

Know What Facebook SPAM Looks Like in Groups

Block SPAM From Facebook Groups

I admin around 20 different Facebook groups and I used to be terrible at finding, ignoring, and blocking SPAM. I would get a couple requests a day from SPAM and I could usually figure out if it was legit but once in a while it would still get through. Once my groups started growing I got on the radar of ... Read More »

Adam’s Digital World, Ep2: Forum Content & Social SEO

Adam's Digital World

It’s already time for episode 2 and I have been excited to do this episode. I focused on almost an hour with two of my favorite topics. Anything to do with forums is big for me because I admin many of them. Combine that with social media SEO and building content with traffic is another insanely popular topic for me ... Read More »

Adam’s Digital World, Ep1: Ecommerce Brainstorming

Adam's Digital World

To kick off my new podcast, I thought what a great topic e-Commerce would be to discuss. So many people want to get into it and learn how to open their own online stores. Our future business transactions will connect through fiber optic cables running from city to city while USPS, UPS, and FedEx will deliver your product to a ... Read More »

Flushing That Local DNS

Using the Command Line

Nothing frustrates me more than changing the nameservers in Godaddy or Namecheap just to have 404 errors popping up until the proper propagation time has occurred and my computer has flushed it’s DNS cache. I am specifically writing this post to address what I went through earlier this week. I was helping someone on their website and changed the DNS ... Read More »

The Difference Between a WordPress Page and a Post

Developing with Wordpress

I love WordPress and it’s used by almost 76.5 websites on the platform as of this post. It has had more impact around the globle, driving content more than any other open-source CMS platform. I currently manage and develop approximately 20 websites and about 15 of them have WordPress somehow involved. For the newer users just getting around to ... Read More »

Paid vs Free Forum Software and Scripts

Free vs Paid Forum Software

I was asked earlier about why I would choose to use a free forum script over a paid forum script, or vice versa. That question is much more complicated to answer as a tweet, so I figured it would be a perfect topic for a post. I know a lot of people who are interested in starting a forum but ... Read More »

Juggling Multiple Platforms in a Site Build

Developing with Wordpress

It happened finally, someone roped me into working for them. This time it was my mom. My mother has run a business since I was born and she is really good at it. She is the owner of Lynn’s Coupons, and she has suffered for far too long with her online presence. You see, she decided to go digital back ... Read More »

The Non-Conforming Pinterest Experience

Pinterest For All

I had heard a lot about Pinterest and the love women hold for it. I have witnessed the beautiful houses, food, and clothes that are pinned to everyone’s walls. The problem was that I felt completely out of place about a year ago when I tried it. I was like the new kid in school with braces, acne, and the ... Read More »

Getting Better Personal Engagement From Facebook

Get More Out of Facebook

Let’s face it, these days on Facebook it’s a very self-centrist world. Every post is about the person posting it or a value they hold dear. Rarely do I find a post that I want to engage on, and I see the same across many of my friend’s post. My wall seldom has posts with more than 1 decent reply ... Read More »

You NEED Google Authorship

Google Authorship

If you write a blog or publish articles for ezines then you probably want to read this. Last year I read about the new program Google was rolling out called Google Authorship. It’s a program that ties your G+ profile (not pages) to your posts on websites. You might be thinking “big deal”. Well, if you want about 10 times ... Read More »

Purchasing Your Children’s Domain Names

Buying Domain Names for Kids

As a parent, I have a lot of decisions to make on my offspring’s behalf. Being a technology dad as well, I know that the future is going to be a lot more screens and electrons. This stuff isn’t going away! So, I was discussing website addresses (URL’s or domain names) with a friend of mine and told him I ... Read More »