I am Adam Mulholland, and I am involved in many things. I have spent the last 20 years mastering my trade and honing skills that make a difference. Beyond working on design, writing, and other areas of development, I have also consulted on projects that other companies are growing.

I have an array of skills that can help you or your company in hitting the right tone across your social media profiles or how tweaking your sales copy so it buzzes with your customers. In the end, knowing what you are missing can make all the difference in being around next year or not. The internet moves fast and that is why I study and execute consistently to ensure I am at the top of what is happening right now.

You can view my various portfolio pages and read my blog to validate what I say I am. You can also take away some tips that I offer to make your online presence stronger than what it is today. I want to help you be bigger, brighter, and stronger than your competitors.

Media & Design

  • Operates AM Podcast Network
  • Designed 1,500 DoD projects
  • Designed projects for Lockheed Martin, Northrup Gruman, Ticonderoga, Aaron Douglas, White House staff, multiple Senators and more…
  • Featured in NBC Nightly News w/Brian Williams
  • Gueast Speaker for IDGA Social Media Summit 2011

Writing & Communications

  • Highly Skilled Orator
  • Highly Read Blogger on 8 Platforms
  • Script Writing,
  • Trained Military Technical Instructor
  • 300+ Hours in Instructional Design
  • Written 3500+ Blog Posts

Management & Leadership

  • 19 Years Active Duty USAF
  • Operated 4 Small Businesses
  • 3 Years of International Relations
  • Developed 900+ Web Projects
  • Managed hundreds of employees
  • Taught over 5,000 classroom hours